# Referrals 👥

Our referral program is simple: Refer a friend or anyone who has your referral link to activate a subscription and we will one-up your existing subscription plan. The duration is 30 days per referred friend.

Our referral program becomes really powerful if you refer more than one person: each subscriber you bring increases your upgrade duration by 30 days!


  • You are currently on the Free plan and refer a friend of yours who subscribes to any plan -> You will have access to the Student plan for 30 days.
  • You are currently on the Student plan and refer a friend of yours who subscribes to any plan -> You will have access to the High-Performer plan for 30 days.
  • And if you are on the High-Performer plan we will even upgrade you to the Entrepreneur plan for 30 days!

# What benefits does a referred user have?

A user you have referred will be on a 30-day High-Performer plan trial starting from the time they created their account.

# What happens if I upgrade my own plan while I am on my referral bonus period?

Well, in that situation the "one-up" takes the upgrade into account.

Example: While you are on your bonus period you decide to upgrade from the original Student plan to the High-Performer plan. In that case, the one-up applies and you have got yourself a shiny new Entrepreneur plan.

The same principle also applies when downgrading.

# What happens after my referral bonus period has ended?

Nothing special. You will be set back to the original plan you had previously subscribed to.

# What are the exact conditions to get my referral bonus?

This is how it works: When a user opens your referral link via direct link or an invitation mail you have sent, we store a referral cookie with a lifetime of 30 days. If the user creates a FREE account within that time and the cookie is present, the user is marked as referred. Once the user subscribes within 44 days from the time they registered the referral bonus will be credited to your account.

Last Updated: 3/26/2021, 9:51:24 AM